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Mostly Friends Only

This journal is mostly friends only. Finished cosplay and craft work will be posted publicly. If you would like to be friended please comment so I know who you are and where you're from. I will usually add people who I have met in real life of I have talked to before.

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New Layout!

I am extremely happy to announce I have a new layout for my webpage. Hello WordPress! Please visit and take a look around.


I have gone through my links and tried to clean out dead ones and update my friends' links. If you would like to exchange links please let me know. :) Also, I have officially moved my cosplay page to AngelicDream.com. Please take a moment to redirect your links.


Another Costume Update

Original Lickety Split - My Little Pony Costume

Two New Costumes

AngelicDream.com Cosplay

Puchiko from Di Gi Charat

Maetel from Galaxy Express 999

Webpage Update


New Galleries Posted

I'm sick at home. So it was time to edit some images and get these galleries up!

AngelicDream.com Cosplay

Website Update

After a minor hosting issue. (Hello hackers from Turkey!) I'm with a new host and have a fresh update. :) An old costume that never had any real photos.


Webpage Update

I already have a nice collection of Madame Pompadour photos from Dragon*Con 2009. While I wait for other photos to pop up from fabulous photographers I updated my webpage. :)


Since I can actually read things on cure now, I found my old page and loaded 5 photos.